RICOH GR III - Överblick

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  • High definition images
  • Hybrid Focus System
  • Dual Bluetooth and wireless communication
  • Patented PENTAX stabilization mechanism
  • Full HD video (1920 x 1080 pixels, frame rate of 60 frames) in MPPEG-4 AVC H.264 format
  • Crimping mode 35mm (15MP) or 50mm (7MP) (in 24x36mm format)
  • Wide angle converter 21mm GW-4 (option)
  • Flash compatible: AF540FGZ II, AF360FGZ II, AF540FGZ, AF360FGZ and AF201FG.


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The ultimate snapshot camera for the times.

While remaining true to its unchanging concept, the GR continues to evolve.

Superb image quality and portability for recording everything you see.

Speed that is ready to capture split-second photo opportunities.

Ease of use and reliability as a tool of creative expression.

The GR III is the new destination for such a search.

This model offers the very essence of recording instants in time as photos.

Experience the essence of the GR.

High Image Quality

The newly developed GR lens & Shake Reduction

This model is equipped with a new GR lens that surpasses all other GR lenses with its amazing optical performance.
A six-element, four-group optical system is used to achieve images that are sharp from the center to the edge with clear depiction. The optical system is slim and compact so the body can accommodate an in-camera Shake Reduction mechanism. The effects of camera shake on image quality are minimized and the full capabilities of the newly designed GR lens optical performance are maximized for a variety of scenes.


24.2 M APS-C size image sensor

Approximately 24.24 effective megapixels deliver high image quality, and an anti-aliasing filterless construction delivers high-definition rendering even in the finest details.

Low noise, maximum ISO 102400

Original noise reduction processing results in high image quality even at high ISO sensitivity. 14-bit RAW recording is also supported for rich tonal reproduction.

The newly developed GR ENGINE 6

A newly developed imaging processor delivers further improvements in high image quality performance, elaborately detailed imaging across the entire sensitivity range, and superb color reproduction.

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Typ - Kameratyp

Caméra compacte à focale fixe

Lins - Objektivanslutning

6 éléments en 4 groupes (2 lentilles asphériques)

Sensor - Sensor CMOS
Sensor - Effektiva pixlar

Approx. 24.24 megapixels

Body - Höjd


Body - Bredd


Body - Djup


Body - Vikt

227g (boîter seul), 257g

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